Keep the applause going!

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Keep the applause going! Support for medical workers!

The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus has caused a significant blow to our society and the country's economy. As a socially responsible company, City Expert decided to take an active role and to support those at the forefront of the battle.

Every day, we all try to behave responsibly in a state of emergency. We follow the safety measures; we are respecting the curfew and quarantine weekends, we are socially distancing and working from home. At 8 pm every night, we applaud for all the heroes as a sign of support.

Many companies and individuals are giving their support to healthcare professionals. All those who sewed face masks and made visors, provided free car rides, and tried many different ways to show their appreciation, inspired us to give our contribution. 

If you are an owner of an apartment for rent in Belgrade or apartment for rent in Novi Sad, and you're employed in the public health care sector, City Expert will advertise your property for rent without commission or any other expenses, until the end of the year.

We want to show our gratitude to all who care for us. This is our round of applause for those we could count on when it was the hardest. Applause for doctors, nurses, technicians, and all who go to work at community health centers and hospitals every day, regardless of risk. For those who will stop the pandemic.

Contact us at 011 44 26 000 or 021 3 400 400.