A new and unique new-build project: "Kosmajski vrtovi"

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A new and unique new-build project: "Kosmajski vrtovi"

As you know, City Expert opened a new business chapter earlier this year in the form of cooperation with building investors. We are proud exclusive sales representatives of "Gnezdo Vračara," and we have established collaboration with "Kneza Miloša Residence" as media partners.

Thanks to our technology, we can offer investors high visibility through efficient digital advertising. Our knowledge of the market and years of expertise guarantee the easier and safe sale of new-build apartments.

We look forward to all the collaborations, but we especially like inspiring challenges, such as the latest project. In a media partnership with City Expert, the investor RIMMO doo presented the market with a new housing concept: the first modern detached condominium in Serbia - Kosmajski vrtovi.

Where did the idea come from?

The fact is that the modern way of life is too stressful and that people do not spend enough time in nature. When you add the everyday traffic jams, air and noise pollution, characteristic for big cities, we realize that the only solution is to 'escape from the city.'

That was the starting point for the "Kosmajski vrtovi" project. The investor wanted to bring the Serbian market the idea of ​​a more comfortable, peaceful, and better way of life - a small private kingdom in nature, and close to big cities. In addition to 'a life reinvented,' the other idea is to present a more modern and efficient way of building.

Why Kosmaj?

Mountain Kosmaj is a green mountain oasis, only 50 km from Belgrade. It offers an entirely different microclimate: clean air, meadows, beech and oak forests, mountain springs, and lookouts. Nemenikuće, the home of Kosmajski vrtovi, is "in the center" of Kosmaj, near Sopot, in the most beautiful place, in our opinion.

What will "Kosmajski vrtovi" look like?

"Kosmajski vrtovi" is imagined as a luxurious private complex, with 24/7 security and video surveillance. The plan is to build a total of 38 modern houses, which differ in size (127-192 m²) but not in the comfort they provide. Each of them has a yard of at least ten ares, which you can arrange as you like - and there is enough space for a pool. A network of internal roads will connect all houses, and in the center of the complex, there will be shared amenities: a basketball court, tennis courts, a park, and a playground for children. The investor thought of everything, so besides the excellent infrastructure, they will provide the residents with regular monthly maintenance, green maintenance, winter services, and even food delivery.

Who are these houses for?

Although the concept is exclusive, the price of "Kosmajski vrtovi" is more than affordable, when you take into account everything that the complex offers. "Kosmajski vrtovi" is intended, above all, for families. The complex will provide excellent conditions for a healthy childhood, so it's suitable for young families. You can also use the house as a vacation house and a gathering place for the holidays. In any case, contact the "Kosmajski vrtovi" and invest in quality family time.