NEW from City Expert: Cooperation with investors

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NEW from City Expert: Cooperation with investors

The real estate market in Serbia has been hibernating for almost two months. While most agencies and professionals were 'bracing for impact,' some applied the ancient wisdom "Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack. ", and opened a new chapter in their business portfolio. We asked Igor Jović, CEO of City Expert, about it.

How did the first Serbian online real estate agency come to an idea of cooperation with real estate investors?

Since 2015, thanks to our unique approach and technology, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in the real estate market. Our idea was to provide the best experience for both parties: those who are looking for a property, whom we provided the service without commission, as well as the owners, who receive top service with the lowest commission on the market. Our strategic goal includes further improvement of existing services, but also the development of new services. The new-build segment naturally fits in because we know we can offer a unique approach to the sale/purchase of new developments.

What are the City Experts' advantages?

For buyers, the advantages are multiple: easy search and direct communication with investors, without the commission. We are in a unique position to provide investors with a custom-tailored service: achieving the best results at the lowest cost and facilitating the buying and selling process. In short, we provide the highest level of marketing, production, and sales support while being a unique and leading platform for property sales.

So, the investors are showing interest?

The number of investors with whom we cooperate or are in the process of initiating cooperation is large. We are proud that in a short time, we had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most famous, such as Eagle Hills and Kneza Milosa Residence. In the coming months, many new projects will appear on the City Expert platform in all the cities where we operate: Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Ljubljana.

How did City Expert cope with the pandemic?

Although the market was practically frozen during the two months, we expect that the total revenue of H1 2020 will achieve significant growth compared to the same period in 2019, which says a lot. For this, we have to thank the employees of City Expert, who gave their professional and human maximum to maintain the company during the state of emergency. Because we are an online-based platform, we managed to organize all employees to work remotely, from home. The City Expert team in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Ljubljana consist of 45, mostly young and very dedicated people. They are the most significant value of this company and thanks to them; City Expert is continually advancing, regardless of obstacles.

A new addition to the City Expert team

The head of the City Expert New Developments is Nedeljko Malešić, a professional with many years of experience in project development for professional investors. He worked with the UK based MitonOptimal fund on the development of the 'Ultimate living' project and also on the development of many residential projects in Belgrade and Montenegro. In the industrial construction segment, he was engaged in developing projects of a food factory, two retail parks, and various projects for logistics and transport investors. This was an excellent opportunity to ask him about his new position.

What are the biggest challenges that investors face in Serbia?

I think that the biggest challenge for investors, in addition to standing out from their competition, is to reach the right target group. That is why investors are looking for new sales channels and going digital. I notice the growing interest of foreign buyers, and those buyers are demanding better property presentations and innovative sales channels.

What kind of service can investors expect from City Expert?

In addition to standard renting and sales services, they also receive a full range of new services. First of all, we have introduced an advertising service, which, with the use of our technology, opens a world of new opportunities for investors. We are focused primarily on digital marketing, and our goal is to offer the appropriate package of services to every investor, regardless of its strength or project value.

Thanks to our media team, we can provide a creation of 3D models and renderings of apartments for presentation on our site, at very affordable prices, and there is the possibility of implementing VR technology for sales purposes.

In short, our mission is to make the process as easy as possible for investors and buyers, by providing them with state-of-the-art technology, extensive experience in the buying and selling process, innovative approach to the client with maximum legal certainty, which is something that City Expert has become know for and what pushes forward the standards in Serbia.

Thanks to Igor Jović and Nedeljko Malešić, and if you are interested in buying an apartment in a new development or developing a new project, contact City Expert and become a part of this exciting story.

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