This pre-war house in Belgrade is worth 5 million euros!

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This pre-war house in Belgrade is worth 5 million euros!

Spanning 1,690 square meters, not far from Slavija Square, lies an impressive house whose foundations date back to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. Its history is very interesting and it is under cultural heritage protection, so we decided to bring it out of anonymity.

With a price of 5,000,000 €, it is one of the most expensive listed properties on the City Expert website. Our agents told us know how much interest there is and if there are any potential buyers.

Take a look at what this imposing villa offers, whose splendor does not fade, even though it will soon celebrate its 100th birthday.

History and architecture of the villa in Deligradska street

Istorija i arhitektura vile u Deligradskoj

This monumental residence is located at Deligradska Street No. 12 and is an architectural  work of Dragiša Brašovan. Originally built for the wealthy Serbian industrialist Aleksa Pavlović in 1925.

Brašovan, a maestro of Serbian architecture, left a mark of creativity in many cities of Central Europe and the Balkans. Among others, he is the creator of the Metropol building, the Bank building in Nušićeva, the villa of Dušan Jazić in Dedinje, the Orthodox Church in Orlovat, as well as the building in Krunska where is currently located the Nikola Tesla Museum.

The construction of this house expresses a formula of exoticism in then-contemporary architecture by combining pseudo-Romanesque, Byzantine, and oriental motifs. It falls into the Neo-Romanesque style while its materialization creates a diffusion of East and West. This was achieved by choosing elements of Central Europe, which the architect was inspired by in Budapest, as well as individual elements of the Orient.

Step into the Aleksa Pavlović's house!

Zakoračimo u ambijent kuće Alekse Pavlovića!

When you step onto the threshold of this magnificent building, the first thing that will amaze you is the centrally positioned hall that extends to two-floor heights, revealing a space 6 meters high. An impressive chandelier descends through the thematic center of the residence, while massive arches frame the hall. If you look closely at each individual column, you will notice incredibly intricate decorative carving of expensive craftsmanship.

The most representative room is certainly the living room in the left wing of the ground floor, distinguished by unique pieces of furniture and an impressive library. This house has a total of 30 rooms spread over four floors.

Although the house was built entirely at once, it it noticeable that the first two levels belong to the identical interior design, while the last two can be placed in more recent times when it comes to the style of decoration and choice of furniture. Authentic wooden carpentry and high ceilings of 3.1 meters further contribute to the elegance of the space and its timeless spirit.

Aristocratic price of 5,000,000 €!

Is there interest in the house?

Given that the price per square meter decreases with the larger total area, the price per square meter of the house in Deligradska (2959 €/m²) is actually lower than its objective value dictates. This fact might surprise, knowing that its total price is 5,000,000 €, but after a detailed review of the property presentation, it becomes clear why it cannot be lower.

Our agents report that this house has attracted dozens of interested buyers since it was advertised, and negotiations are currently underway with some of them. Because it is an atypical heritage property with a high valuation, it cannot be sold quickly and the future price is difficult to predict.

We were pleased to guide you through this incredible space that has withstood the change of several states and wars. We cannot help but wonder what the future fate of this house will be, but it is certain that it will remain recorded in the memory book of Belgrade!

Ana Dajević
Ana Dajević
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