Russian schools in Belgrade

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Russian schools in Belgrade

If you are a Russian citizen and you are temporarily or permanently staying in Serbia with your children, this article will help you learn all about Russian schools in Belgrade.

Belgrade features two Russian schools, the general education school at the Russian Federation Embassy in Serbia, which was founded over 40 years ago, and the First international Russian school “Valentina Tereshkova” which began work in 2018. Both schools follow the Russian school curriculum.

The first international Russian school “Valentina Tereshkova”

The first international Russian school “Valentina Tereshkova” is located at 29 Andre Nikolica street in the Belgrade settlement Senjak. The junior and high school education at this institution follows the Russian Federation’s school curriculums and the classes are held exclusively in Russian, although the children also learn Serbian and English.

The Russian school “Valentina Tereshkova” is recognized by the Republic of Serbia’s Ministry of Education. In terms of enrollment documentation, you will need a Statement of enrollment intent given by the parent, a copy of the birth certificate, a copy of the parent’s (or legal guardian’s) passport, a copy of the child’s passport and the child’s medical documentation.

The enrollment of the students at the First Russian international school “Valentina Tereshkova” is done with the completion of an entrance exam which tests the basic knowledge and skills.

For the first grade, this means individual psychological and pedagogical conversations with the child accompanied by parents, while for the 2nd-4th grade, there is a test based on the covered curriculum in the previous educational process. The testing is done in the subjects of math, Russian language, school literature reading and English.

Each grade has their own classroom while the lessons in rhythmics and choreography take place in the multipurpose sports hall. In addition to the main classrooms and cabinets, the school also has a P.E. and gymnastics hall, dining hall and a courtyard where the children can spend their breaks while at school.

The Russian school is situated in a great location, only 10 minutes of driving away from “Belgrade Waterfront”, the new urban complex which stretches across a million square kilometers and features all you might need for an urban lifestyle.

If you prefer more peaceful locations, there are projects in Senjak and Dedinje only a 10 minute’s drive away from the school.

The general education school at the Russian Federation Embassy

The high-school at the Soviet Union embassy was founded way back in 1970 in Belgrade, then the only Russian high school in the Balkans. Its seat used to be located in the Home of Soviet culture - today called the Russian home Center for Science and Culture - in Kraljice Natalije street, after which it moved to a newly constructed building at 28 Crvene armije street in New Belgrade, where it still is to this day.

The general education school at the Russian Federation Embassy in Serbia was founded by the Ministry of external affairs of Russia and the education follows the curriculum of the Russian Federation. In this school children also learn the Serbian language. The ratio of Serbian to Russian children in this school is 50:50 and priority is given to children with Russian citizenship. In its educational activities, the school applies the Federal state educational standards of Russia and the schooling lasts for 11 years. First nine grades feature basic education and the 10th and 11th grades offer high school education. The school year begins on the 1st of September and on the first day of school there is a concert held in which the graduates congratulate the newly enrolled students on their “first school bell”. The students of graduating classes carry the first-graders in their arms with song and dance as is tradition in Russia. The school celebrates the national holiday “Maslenica” when the children bake pancakes with music and dance to see off the winter and celebrate the start of spring.

If you would like to rent or purchase an apartment near the General education school, New Belgrade is the ideal location for you. If you’d prefer a quieter life, there are also options available in Zemun, and our own recommendation is Banovci, located only a 20min drive away from the school.

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