Let us show you the safest way to buy an apartment

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Let us show you the safest way to buy an apartment

A common belief in Serbia is that apartment buying is a slow and tiresome process that requires a lot of luck and nerves, and that the new technologies are unsafe. That was the situation we found in the real estate market when we started working as a real estate agency four years ago. Things had to change.

City Expert rules

With the use of modern technologies, we brought an entirely new approach to real estate trade. And also a new level of safety, because we leave nothing to chance.

1. Check& recheck all the documents

In City Expert, licensed real estate agents always check all necessary documents and help the owner to get the missing ones so that the property can go on the market as soon as possible. If we can't sell it, we won't advertise it on our website. 

2. Visit every property and represent it truthfully

The core of our business is transparent property representation.

First, we send a photographer to the property. Then the multimedia team takes over and makes a premium website presentation (photographs, video, 360° view connected with an interactive floor plan). There is also a detailed description of the property concerning basic information together with more in-depth info such as monthly expenses, amenities, location, etc. 

3. Care about the customer

Licensed real estate agents and a team of lawyers are always available to the buyers for negotiating the price as well as for the advice about best mortgage loans – they're leading the buyer all to way to the safe buying. With clever use of technology, we've speeded up and made buying easier and completely secure at the same time. Only with innovative solutions, we can have a high turnover and an evergrowing real estate database, which makes us stand out from the competition - if the competition exists. 

4. Improve constantly

Thanks to our innovative approach, in 2016 City Expert company got the 1.500.000 euro worth of investment from South Central Ventures Investment Fund for business improvement. In 2017 we opened an office in Novi Sad and at the beginning of 2019, an office in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

5. Be safer than the others

All real estate agencies are required to have a professional liability insurance contract that protects them if they fail to meet contractual obligations while performing the registered activity. The amount of insurance is supposed to be no less than the dinar equivalent of EUR 15,000.00 per insured event or EUR 45,000.00 in total for all indemnity claims in one year of coverage.

A month ago, City Expert real estate company signed a Professional Liability Insurance Policy with the biggest insurance company in the country, Generali Osiguranje Srbija, for the coverage of 1million EUR. We took this step to bring extra security to our users. 

6. Always do our best

From 2015 till now, we have rented more than 7000 properties and made over 700 sales without any mistakes. If you want to sell or buy an apartment quickly and efficiently – give us a call.

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