New feature for buyers and tenants: visit the apartment via video call!

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New feature for buyers and tenants: visit the apartment via video call!

If you are looking for an apartment to buy or rent in Belgrade or Novi Sad, you may feel that you are facing a more significant challenge than before, primarily due to the general fear of Covid-19. Is it even possible to find an apartment safely now?

If you ask us, the answer is YES.

City Expert, the first online real estate agency and unique customer service, is already offering you a service that has passed the ‘corona business test' with flying colors.

Most of our business takes place online and via phone, which has reduced physical contacts to a minimum and, at the same time, shortened the time needed to reach an agreement. More than 800 successfully concluded purchase agreements and over 8000 leased properties testify to that. How did we do that? We have offered all-inclusive service - and we are continually improving it.

All buyers and tenants know that City Expert is known for the best property presentation and the fact that for buyers and tenants, our service is WITHOUT COMMISSION. Many also like direct communication with the owner, without an intermediary, which saves time for both parties. Physical contact is kept to a minimum, but now we go a step further and allow you to visit the apartment WITHOUT PHYSICAL CONTACT.

Before scheduling a viewing, schedule a contactless viewing

As a buyer or a tenant, you have a unique opportunity to make an appointment for a video call with the owner of the apartment for FREE, so that you can meet the owner and learn everything you want to know firsthand.

How does contactless apartment viewing work?

  1. You need to have one of the video calling applications installed on your mobile phone (Whatsapp, Viber, FaceTime, Zoom).
  2. You suggest the date and time for the video call via the form on the site.
  3. If the owner agrees, you will receive a text message as a confirmation.
  4. Agree on the application you will use, and contactless apartment viewing can begin.

Thanks to the 'Contactless apartment viewing', both you and the owner can get to know each other from a safe distance and find out everything you want to know. The new feature will undoubtedly save your health and save the time you spend visiting apartments that do not suit you for some reason. Please take advantage of it!

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