News update: the photographers are back in the game!

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News update: the photographers are back in the game!

One thing ends, and then another begins. With the news of the end of the state of the emergency in Serbia this week, there is more good news from City Expert, with our photographers starting with the usual work mode.

Last ones to go, the first to come back

Two months ago, even before the state of emergency was declared, most of the employees in City Expert started working remotely, from home. The photographers were working as long as it was safe, but soon it became apparent they would join the rest of the team in home isolation. 

The health of our employees is our main concern because we are a socially responsible company. We’re also the unique real estate agency as we rely heavily on the new technologies. Although we weren't in the office, the rent and selling/buying of the properties went as the circumstances allowed.

One would think that without new photographs, there would be no new properties on our website, but we succeeded in publishing new properties even during this time. Our little handbook for self-property photographing encouraged some owners to do the photographers’ job. And we would like to thank all the owners who seized the opportunity to advertise their property during the crisis. But now it’s time to turn our engines on and to return to normal mode.

The online won

The online-based business advantages surfaced during the state of emergency. Our website had a standard number of visits, sometimes even higher. The users spend their time browsing through the properties for sale and rent but didn’t schedule appointments.

Now it seems that the real estate market is slowly recovering. Our results show that the average number of views of rental properties in the last week of April is 300% greater than the daily average in the first three weeks of the same month. The properties for sale show a similar tendency.

Everything is suggesting that the time is right for you to advertise your property for sale or rent in Belgrade or Novi Sad. With us, and with our photographers, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

1. The best representation of the property

We will make a detailed presentation of your property with professional photographs, video, 360° view, and an interactive floor plan.

It is online and available 24/7 to the buyers/tenants.

It informs buyers/tenants about your property.

Only the interested buyers/tenants will schedule a visit, resulting in a smaller number of visits, but a quicker match.

2. Direct communication with the buyer/tenant

Efficient communication makes it easy to save time.

The buyer/tenant will contact you via the website form, and you’ll receive a text message.

The rest is up to you two, with the customer support or sales agent’s support via the phone.

The smallest number of people involved in the process resonates with the standards of recommended behavior during the health crisis.

3. The lowest commission on the market

1.5% + VAT of the purchase price for selling and 40% + VAT of the one month rent for leasing. For the buyers and tenants, the service is free.

4. Safety measures first

Since our photographers are the ones entering your property, we equipped them with enough face masks and medical gloves to use and dispose of after every visit. Please read this text.

Call us so we can arrange a City Expert’s photographers visit in Belgrade or Novi Sad and let’s start working together.

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