9 things that make you a good neighbour


9 things that make you a good neighbour

Even when you have a stress-free experience of finding and buying your perfect home, with the help of the advanced City Expert search and our sales agents, having to move to a new place is a different story. You’ll probably feel stressed out because starting a life in a new building seems like the first day in a new school. Or in a new job, with all those new faces around.

If you’re moving to a high-rise, nobody expects you to know all the neighbors, but getting to know the ones on your floor can help you a lot. So, here you can find a list of tips that will help you to break the ice and fit in like a pro.

1. For a beginning, say “Hello!”

Kindness is so underrated in urban environments but crucial for normal functioning. Instead of being the one who walks by the people like they’re invisible, dare to be different. Be the first to say “Hello.” A simple greeting or a small chat can do wonders for the mood, both yours and the other persons. 

For a beginning, say “Hello!”

2. Stick to the rules

Be kind, and try to respect the house rules. Don’t park on the grass. Don’t throw the trash from the balcony. When renovating your apartment, inform neighbors and try to finish everything in the dates, as well as the hours you’ve set. Don’t expect your neighbors to like you if you’re making too much noise from early morning hours on the weekends.

And if you’re having a party, let the neighbors know on time, or even better, invite them to come and party with you.

3. Be a responsible pet owner

Having a dog is a great way to get to know your neighbors and other dog owners in the area. Try to make and maintain a good impression. Walk your dog regularly, on a leash, and keep the noise down in the apartment. If your dog is a barker, make your apartment soundproof. 

Be a responsible pet owner

4. Don’t litter the common areas

This rule applies to the corridors, staircases, elevators, entrance. The practice is the same as in public areas, such as street/park/beach, and it says: DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND, NOT EVEN A CIGARETTE BUTT. Don’t expect anyone to clean up after you. Some neighbors in the buildings have a strange habit of leaving shoes and garbage bags in front of their doors. That’s not ok. If you’ve never had neighbors like that, you’re in luck.

5.  Offer to house-sit for the neighbors while they’re away

Why not. It is helpful to know the neighbors who are happy to help because not everyone has a family and friends close by and on stand by. And you can always count on a favor returned.

6. Don’t be too curious

Being friendly and a kind neighbor doesn’t mean sticking your nose into somebody’s privacy. Set the limits, and feel free to accept or to refuse a coffee invitation. How much you’re going to share is up to you to decide.

7. Offer help when needed

This advice is more from the realm of good manners, but it applies to all social interactions. Don’t miss a chance to hold the door, help with the stroller, or to carry a heavy bag for a senior.

8. Learn your neighbors’ names

In Belgrade, it’s usual to be greeted by “Good day, neighbor!” in the store, even if it’s the first time you set afoot there. You can always call your neighbor “a neighbor,” but if you learn his/her name or last name, you’ll make that person feel more important.

Good day, neighbor!

9. Attend association meetings

There are a few reasons why this is a good move: you’ll know what is happening in the building and you’ll show you’re interested in what’s happening. And those meetings are a shortcut to meeting new people you didn’t have a chance to meet yet.

Attend association meetings

Why is it essential to be a good neighbor

If you’re new in the area, the experienced neighbors can give you different tips on kindergarten and schools, prices, market places, supermarkets, the best playgrounds, places for going out – in short, they can give you a crash course about your new neighborhood.

In Belgrade, there are some great examples of neighbors’ cooperation in projects that raised the quality of life for the whole building – they restored the façade, roof, rain gutters, refurbished the common areas, and turned them into libraries or gyms. Some neighbors regularly decorate entrances and halls during the Xmas season and even organize Santa Claus bringing gifts to the children. These good neighbors should be an inspiration to us all because they succeeded in creating a community that makes everyday life better for everyone. We should all look up to them.

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