How to offer an apartment for sale?

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So you have decided to sell your apartment. You want to find an ideal buyer as soon as possible. You are fully prepared to sell, and now it's time to find a reliable real estate agency that can help you list your property. What's the next step? Do you know how you can make this process much more manageable? Do you know how to estimate the price of the apartment? For four years of being the most innovative real estate agency in Belgrade and Novi Sad, we sold a lot of flats and helped so many property owners save their time and nerves in the process of sale. Now we are going to help you too. This is what you need to know to offer an apartment for sale.

Determine a realistic price

There are a few factors that determine the price of the property, and the most important is the structure and the location.

You will often hear that location determines the price. Apartments located in the center of Belgrade and Novi Sad are the most expensive. In the city center, the price per square meter can be a thousand euros higher compared to the broader city center and the suburbs. Good location is not only determined concerning the distance from the city center, but also in relation to schools, kindergartens, parks, sports centers, and supermarkets. If your apartment is in a popular neighborhood, you will definitely have the opportunity to sell it at a slightly higher price.

But you should not forget about the other most important factor - the quality of the building and the apartment size. Buyers want older apartments that they can renovate to their taste, and they want to get them at a lower price. Or, they want newer apartments in which they can move in as soon as the sale is completed. If an older apartment is renovated, it needs to have new plumbing and electrical installations, new windows, new heating systems, and new flooring.

When investing in an apartment, keep in mind that different customers want different things, and no matter how much you've spent on your built-in kitchen or closets, the buyer may wish to have something completely different; therefore they will not care that much for your investments. Everyone's taste for interior design is different, so when you're selling an apartment forget about the emotional value of your investments and focus on setting up the realistic price of the apartment.

Smaller apartments are usually expensive, but they are the most popular choice in Belgrade and Novi Sad. So, if you have the winning combination of a smaller apartment + good location + renovated installations, you will be able to sell it at a reasonable price.

Our advice is to set up a realistic price, that is not much higher than the market price. Then, with the help of our real estate agent, you will be able to negotiate. Some buyers are willing to pay the price you're asking for, but most will want to buy at a lower price. It is therefore essential that you determine the price in the right way to successfully realize your purchase.

The importance of a good property presentation

When selling an apartment, the first impression is crucial! When you sell an apartment with City Expert, you have two shots to leave a good impression, and it's essential to give it your best.

First Impression #1
We make a professional media presentation because this is the first impression the buyer will have about your apartment. Therefore, we insist on quality photos, video, and 360 presentations. Customers get familiar with your apartment through the presentation. They slowly reveal their options for renovating, use the floorplan to plan the furniture layout and slowly start imagining themselves in your apartment.

Therefore, when they book a viewing, they will visit the apartment as the already interested buyers who are ready to make an offer. That brings us to the second most important first impression.

First Impression # 2
City Expert insists on direct communication. We schedule property viewings without the presence of real estate agents. Customers will book a viewing online, via our system, and we will use the same system to exchange your contacts. You will have a chance to change the time of your viewings and to communicate with each other. Viewings without an agent present at the location allow you and the buyers to have a more relaxed and open approach, which has proven to lead to better results. Customers can honestly ask you anything. And, given the fact that they already know a lot about your property thanks to our media presentation, they will use this opportunity to ask really important questions.

It's up to you to leave a great second impression. Answer all of their questions, and respond directly to their straightforwardness without any hesitation. This way you will have the best negotiating conditions that will lead to quick and secure sales.

Our real estate agents, who are managing the whole process of negotiation, will contact you after the viewing and share buyers' impressions with you, and guide you through the following steps.

Be transparent with the information

Every City Expert presentation has essential property info about the year of construction, info about renovation works, number of rooms, but also photos and video. There is no room to hide anything here, and our goal is to show every detail of the property. We also want to highlight the most important information about each property listed on our website. We want to shorten the sales process and to sell your apartment as quickly as possible.

That's why we ask for additional information, about the maintenance cost, and about everything that will help future buyers plan their budget and see if your property is the right fit for them.

The more information you provide at the start, the more interested buyers will come. Having too many viewings is never a good thing, so we want you to meet only a few buyers, but to have your ideal buyer among them.

We won't be present at the viewing, but we know that you'll do your best to answer all questions and emphasize the highlight of the property. Remember, buyers already know how your apartment looks like, so make the most of your time on the viewing to focus on what's most important.

And for the end, we have to stress that determining the price and setting up a quality media presentation are key elements of a successful apartment sale. We at City Expert are working hard to help you in both fields and to enable you to find an ideal buyer. Ideal buyers already know what they, and they know how to tell if your property is their dream home.