New feature for owners: show the apartment via video call!

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New feature for owners: show the apartment via video call!

Searching for property buyers or tenants has never been an easy job, and now, at a time of a global Covid-19 pandemic, seems especially tricky. How to sell an apartment and limit physical contacts? How not to expose your health to unnecessary risks while meeting with interested tenants?

As usual – we are the first on the market to have a solution!

City Expert, the first online real estate agency and unique customer service, is already offering a service that has passed the 'corona business test' with flying colors.

Most of our business takes place online and via phone, which has reduced physical contacts to a minimum and, at the same time, shortened the time needed to reach an agreement. More than 800 successfully concluded purchase agreements and over 8000 leased properties testify to that.

How did we do that? We have offered all-inclusive service - and we are continually improving it.

Viewing an apartment without physical contact

In addition to the most modern technology used to advertise your property with the lowest commission on the market, we have enabled direct communication between you and a potential buyer or tenant. Physical contact is reduced to a minimum, but now we go a step further and allow you to show the apartment WITHOUT PHYSICAL CONTACT.

A new service on the City Expert site is 'Contactless apartment viewing'.

As the owner of the property for rent or sale, you can use the video call option for FREE to meet interested buyers or tenants, 'walk' them around the apartment and answer any questions they have.

How does contactless apartment viewing work?

  1. You need to have one of the video calling applications installed on your mobile phone (Whatsapp, Viber, FaceTime, Zoom).
  2. An interested buyer or tenant suggests the date and time for the video call via the form.
  3. You receive a text message to which you reply.
  4. If you accept the proposed date and time, both you and the buyer or tenant will receive a text message as a confirmation.
  5. Agree on the application you will use, and contactless apartment viewing can begin.

Thanks to the 'Contactless apartment viewing' feature, both you and potential buyer or tenant can get to know each other from a safe distance and see if your match. This new feature will undoubtedly lead to a smaller number of physical views of the apartment, which will save you time and keep you healthy.

We wish you a happy property sale/lease with a new feature!

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