The safest real estate agency in Serbia


The safest real estate agency in Serbia

New feature: contactless apartment viewing

Social distancing is our reality. Belgrade's Institute of Public Health advises it as an essential measure against the spread of the Covid-19 virus. But keeping a physical distance does not mean that you should be alone – it's just the opposite. Experts recommend maintaining social contacts by phone or social media and arranging meetings online.

At City Expert, the customers' security in the real estate transactions comes first. Now, when health security is the hottest topic, we have taken a step further in raising the safety level for all participants in property selling, buying, leasing, or renting.

The safest real estate agency in Serbia

All the City Expert benefits had proven themselves very important since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when all activities, both work and schooling, and socializing and shopping, moved online.

As the first online real estate agency in Serbia, City Expert, five years ago, introduced several significant innovations to the domestic real estate market. Those are:

  1. The best online search for properties for sale and rent
  2. The most comprehensive and detailed online property presentation
  3. Direct contact with the owner and viewing/visiting an apartment without an agent
  4. Charging a commission to only one party

It may sound immodest, but we were the first in many things that launched the real estate market in Serbia in the 21st century. Some of the real estate agencies followed our lead, but most of the features are still only our trademark.

Classic real estate agencies still use the sales agent to show the apartment to as many clients as possible, exposing all involved in unnecessary health risks. We've found a better way to do it, with the help of modern technology.

City Expert users are accustomed to the best search and most comprehensive property presentation consisting of professional photos. They can enjoy video walk through the apartment, 360° views of each room, and an interactive floor plan, all of which allow them to see the apartment as if they were in it. The presentation is created to provide all the information - detailed and accurate - and reduce the number of unnecessary visits to the apartment. And if the user wants to visit the apartment, he schedules viewing with a few clicks via the website form.

A visit to the apartment without an intermediary

Because City Expert is the only real estate agency that removed the sales agent as an intermediary when viewing the apartment, the number of participants in physical contact was already reduced to the smallest possible number: only two. That is how we became the SAFEST REAL ESTATE AGENCY ON THE MARKET. But we don’t like to rest on the laurels, so we went a step further.


We are the first to introduce the contactless viewing of the apartment, via video call between the owner and potential buyer or tenant.

For owners

In case you own an apartment for sale or lease, you will probably appreciate the idea that now you can show the apartment over the phone, and further reduce the possibility of physical contact. Thanks to the video call, you can meet the potential buyer or tenant, show him the apartment, and give the information firsthand. There is a high probability that you will reach an agreement faster, and the number of physical visits to the apartment will undoubtedly decrease. We believe that you already use your phone for video calls and have one or more video communication applications installed.

For buyers and tenants

If you are interested in the apartment you got to know in detail on the City Expert website, be quick to schedule a contactless apartment viewing. You can schedule it through the form located on the property page. In addition to increased security, a video visit to the apartment can save you time. You will get to know both the apartment and the owner, and learn firsthand information, all of which will make it easier to decide whether the apartment suits you.

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