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What do you think about free interior design by an architect?

Looking for a luxury apartment in the center of Belgrade? Do you have a dream of decorating it as you wish and with style? Do you want to move into your new home this year and enjoy its interior?

cityexpert Municipalities of Belgrade
Municipality Stari grad
The central city municipality is the keeper of the rich history and tradition of Belgrade. At the same time it is the center of modern urban happenings and tourist attractions. If the sentence "Belgrade, the city that does not sleep" describes any part of the city, it is Stari Grad.
cityexpert Municipalities of Belgrade
Municipality of Vračar
Vracar is the smallest, but the most populous municipality of Belgrade. It is famous for local activism, many magnificent monuments, the biggest and most beautiful Christian temple, bars with the best coffee and the always present good vibes on the streets of Vracar.
cityexpert Municipalities of Belgrade
Municipality of Zemun
From a shopping centre and a city in the hands of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Zemun became one of the most beautiful Belgrade municipalities. You have surely heard numerous jokes about Zemunians but this municipality, besides entertainment, offers you the opportunity to enjoy nature, historical heritage and bohemian spirit that has been its main feature for many years. Take a walk with us along the riverside and discover the hidden beauties of Zemun
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Can you live off of rental property income?

Quite a lot of property owners consider renting apartments as a great way to earn passive income. Some even go that far to compare it with saving money in the bank.

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So you have decided to sell your apartment. You want to find an ideal buyer as soon as possible. You are fully prepared to sell, and now it's time to find a reliable real estate agency that can help you list your property. What's the next step? Do you know how you can make this process much more manageable? Do you know how to estimate the price of the apartment? For four years of being the most innovative real estate agency in Belgrade and Novi Sad, we sold a lot of flats and helped so many property owners save their time and nerves in the process of sale. Now we are going to help you too. This is what you need to know to offer an apartment for sale.

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Apartments in the city center are always the most popular choice. An apartment in the center of Belgrade is a popular choice for buyers of all ages. Whether they are looking for a modern place in the city center or a smaller studio they can rent, buyers seek quality apartments and want to negotiate the price. Check out the current offer of apartments for sale and see what trending.
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Why we don't charge commission to tenants

It's been a few years now since City Expert started its mission - to enable tenants to find a new home without paying commission. We know that renting an apartment isn't easy we also know that good real estate agency needs to offer you support and assistance. That's why City Expert real estate agency doesn't charge the commission to tenants. They already have a lot on their plate, and that's why we offer a complete service for free. You must be wondering, how come we don't charge a commission when listing a property online costs money and when the agency has to have some profit? Find out how!

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Buying an apartment in Belgrade

The day has finally come - you are buying an apartment in Belgrade. Before you start with this process make sure that you read our detailed instruction. Buying a property in Belgrade is a huge thing, just like buying an apartment in other cities is, but everyone will tell you that this challenge is a hell of a process. The only thing you need to do is be prepared. Leave everything else to us. We will make this entire process as efficient and straightforward as possible, and you will buy that dream apartment without much hassle.

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July in Belgrade
Summer is officially here. The National Museum in Belgrade is open for visitors after 15 years of renovations. Open air music festivals are taking place all over the city. This summer is all about action and outdoor fun. From creative workshops for children to movie nights under the stars, there are many ways you can enjoy the hottest summer month. Find out more about things to do in Belgrade this July.
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How to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photography

The first step in finding the right apartment is to start searching online. It doesn't matter if you're in Belgrade or London, the key to finding a nice apartment to rent is to look for legitimate real estate online.

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How to make the most of the time between two tenants

Being a property owner comes with a great deal of responsibilities. Keeping up with those responsibilities and resolving issues in a timely manner will make your life much easier. Also, it will help you boost your real estate business. Procrastination and postponing necessary fixes will only temporary set your mind at ease. In the long run, it will result in less income and more problems.

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Apartment for a day, for Valentine’s Day, in magical Belgrade
If you are planning to spend Valentine's Day in Belgrade with the one you love, it certainly is an excellent choice. Belgrade is widely known as a city of entertainment and dynamic nightlife. However, the capital of Serbia can be surprisingly romantic.
cityexpert Municipalities of Belgrade
Municipality of Rakovica
Rakovica has survived numerous challenges and changes during the 20th century. The former industrial center of Belgrade became one of the city municipalities with the largest green spaces which significant part are forests and parks.
cityexpert Municipalities of Belgrade
Municipality of Čukarica
If you are tired of the city crowds, but you do not want to be too far from the center, Čukarica has got what you need! This municipality is perfect for those who love nature but do not want to give up the comfort of living in the city. Once vineyards and flower gardens covered this area but today there are streets that proudly preserve the spirit of earlier days.