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We're way into the most festive month of the year. December is reserved for celebrations, holidays and vacations. After we make our New Year's resolutions, it's time to relax and enjoy the winter fun. Check out what's hot this December in Novi Sad.
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It's back to school time! Get your raincoats and umbrellas ready because it's time for September rains and golden Indian summer. Although the summer is not officially over yet, as the September rolls out it's time to forget about the sea, sand, and sun and get ready for school and new work projects. If you’re looking to refresh your social life take a look at our monthly guide for the best things to do in Belgrade.
cityexpert Events in Belgrade
Summer is officially here. The National Museum in Belgrade is open for visitors after 15 years of renovations. Open air music festivals are taking place all over the city. This summer is all about action and outdoor fun. From creative workshops for children to movie nights under the stars, there are many ways you can enjoy the hottest summer month. Find out more about things to do in Belgrade this July.