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Why we don't charge commission to tenants

It's been a few years now since City Expert started its mission - to enable tenants to find a new home without paying commission. We know that renting an apartment isn't easy we also know that good real estate agency needs to offer you support and assistance. That's why City Expert real estate agency doesn't charge the commission to tenants. They already have a lot on their plate, and that's why we offer a complete service for free. You must be wondering, how come we don't charge a commission when listing a property online costs money and when the agency has to have some profit? Find out how!


The most popular apartments for sale in Belgrade are one-bedroom apartments in the city center and two bedroom apartments with a balcony and a parking space. In 2018, studio apartments were the best buy, as well as smaller apartments in construction. In 2019 we can expect similar prices, similar offer but even higher demand for smaller apartments in the city center.

If you had decided to buy an apartment in the center of Belgrade learn more about property price, where to find ideal family apartments and how to get a modern apartment in the very heart of Belgrade.
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Energoprojekt Sunnyville - your place in the sun

Energoprojekt Sunnyville is a new residential and office complex built in Visnjicka Banja neighborhood, near the Danube coast. The responsible contracting engineer is Energoprojekt, a company whose name stands for quality for 67 years. Sunnyville is an urban complex dedicated to young people, couples, and families that want to enjoy the wonderful view of Danube river. With a total number of 215 apartments, a couple of shops and an underground garage, this complex is designed according to highest planning and architectural standards.