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Mortgage in Serbia: FAQs and answers
In the world of real estate, the mortgage occupies an important and frequent place. Many homebuyers may find themselves wanting to purchase a property burdened by a mortgage or considering a home loan that inherently involves a mortgage. In the following text, we will look at the most common questions that worry those who are encountering the term for the first time.
Want to buy land in Serbia? Don't miss to check these 5 things!
In recent years, suburban and weekend settlements have become increasingly popular due to the trend of urban expansion, making land purchases an attractive option for many. If you're considering buying land, there are several key things to check, specific to this type of property.
Real Estate Cadastre: How can I register my property?
The Real Estate Cadastre is a public registry containing all relevant data about properties in Serbia. Although often a mystery for citizens and a cause of headaches, this registry and the accompanying laws are organized to establish and maintain accurate records of real estate for the security of legal transactions.
Advices for the Russians
Buying property for temporary residence in Serbia - the easiest way?
For years, Serbia has been an attractive destination that makes tourists consider longer stays or permanent relocation. Besides a lifestyle appealing to different generations, rich history, and a unique mentality, Serbia offers favorable conditions for work and education, with generally lower living costs compared to Western European countries. This economic factor makes Serbia particularly attractive for those seeking a higher standard of living at affordable prices.
Legal advice
How to register your apartment

Non-registered apartments can’t be sold at this moment, or be the subject of any kind of trade process (like a gifting contract for example). This is why it’s important to register your apartment if you are planning to sell it.