Registration in the cadastre

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Here's how to safely buy under-construction property in Serbia!
Buying an apartment in a new construction brings undeniable advantages for future owners - living in a new and modern home, potentially lower prices because the property is purchased during the construction phase, as well as the possibility of VAT refund if it is the purchase of the first property. Additionally, investors usually offer the option of payment in installments, and a housing loan is approved after the property is 80% constructed, making it a viable solution for almost everyone.
Real Estate Cadastre: How can I register my property?
The Real Estate Cadastre is a public registry containing all relevant data about properties in Serbia. Although often a mystery for citizens and a cause of headaches, this registry and the accompanying laws are organized to establish and maintain accurate records of real estate for the security of legal transactions.
Legal advice
How to register your apartment

Non-registered apartments can’t be sold at this moment, or be the subject of any kind of trade process (like a gifting contract for example). This is why it’s important to register your apartment if you are planning to sell it.