Top 7 extraordinary apartments for rent in Belgrade

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Top 7 extraordinary apartments for rent in Belgrade

We have one more health recommendation which you can use in the state of emergency: rest your eyes on the photos of these beautiful properties for rent in Belgrade. And if you happen to like any of them, hurry up and schedule a visit before the curfew. 


Charming one-and-a-half room apartment near Farmers' market Kalenić

Charming one-and-a-half room apartment near Farmers' market Kalenić

This furnished apartment in the heart of the city is a perfect choice for a young couple or a single person. It is located in a small building, and it's been renovated this year. The living room is spacious, with a separate sleeping room, and those high ceilings make the space more "breathable." Let's not forget the most important thing: it's entirely pet friendly!

Pros: Nice furniture, pet friendly.

Cons: The bathroom looks like it's on a small side.

Score:                     8/10

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Three-room apartment for rent in Neimar

On the second floor of a residential building in Neimar, there is a two-bedroom flat, perfect for a family with a pre-teen or a teen kid. It stands out because of a great location, functional layout, and two balconies.

Pros: Furnished, pet-friendly, two balconies.

Cons: Again, a bathroom with a shower.

Score:                     9/10

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1.5 room apartment in Gundulićev venac

The new build has many advantages, and one of the main ones is a modern heating system, which charges per heating consumption. This apartment is a similar size as the one above, on the number 5 (65m²), but is organized in just two areas: a spacious living room and one bedroom. Finally, the bathroom has a bathtub.

Pros: Location, new building, two balconies, central heating per consumption.

Cons: First floor.

Score:                     9/10

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Duplex by the Danube

This 130 m² luxurious duplex is located in a unique street in Zemun. The building is brand new, and the apartment has a fascinating layout with three sleeping rooms, two bathrooms, and floor heating. Two great and very spacious balconies offer the most beautiful view over the Danube river. 

Pros: Location, new building, a breathtaking view.

Cons: No furniture, electric heating.

Score:                     9/10

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1.5 room apartment near Cvetni trg

This spacious apartment is located on the second floor of a residential building in a central part of the city. The flat is completely furnished with modern furniture. It has plenty of light and gives an 'urban buzz'.

Pros: Location.

Cons: The flat is street-oriented.  

Score:                     9/10

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Three-room apartment for a family in New Belgrade

Completely furnished and equipped, this spacious three-room apartment is located in a 19a block. All the advantages of the old-build are here – beautiful layout, one bathroom and one toilet, and a real pantry—a perfect place for comfortable family life.

Pros: Price, location.

Cons: Maybe the interior design is not to everybody's taste.

Score:                     9/10

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3.5 room apartment in New Belgrade

Troiposoban stan na Novom Beogradu

Almost 100 tastefully decorated square meters give enough space to an (extra)ordinary Serbian family with two kids, and a possibility of remote work. The flat is on the first floor, has two bathrooms and a parking space, that comes at the price.

Pros: Location, parking space. 

Mane: We can't find any.

Score:                     9.5/10

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We hope you enjoyed our selection of apartments for rent in Belgrade. If you like one of them, please give us a call. And make sure to check the offer of other apartments for rent in Belgrade or apartments for rent in Novi Sad. We are confident you'll find a perfect one among them.

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