Apartments for sale in the center of Belgrade

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Apartments in the city center are always the most popular choice. An apartment in the center of Belgrade is a popular choice for buyers of all ages. Whether they are looking for a modern place in the city center or a smaller studio they can rent, buyers seek quality apartments and want to negotiate the price. Check out the current offer of apartments for sale and see what trending.

The structure of apartments for sale in the center of Belgrade

One bedroom and two bedroom apartments are the most popular and most likely to find. Buyers are also looking for one and a half bedroom apartments that have one additional room, that can't qualify as a bedroom. Those rooms are usually studies, children's rooms or detached kitchens with dining area, so they count as only a "half-room."

One bedroom apartment in the center of Belgrade
Ideal for couples and young people, one and a half bedroom in the center of Belgrade is the most popular type of an apartment. In our real estate agency, the property hunt starts online, so buyers can choose the number of rooms they want. They can also search for additional functionalities and elements that they know they need (and want).

Apartments with balconies and parking spots are definitely preferred. Ideally, there will be a free parking spot on the premises, but buyers are interested in buying a parking place or a garage. Additionally, buyers want apartments oriented towards the backyard and have plenty of daylight.

Two bedroom apartments in the center of Belgrade
When couples with children look to buy an apartment, they want to have two bedrooms, so one of them can be the children's room. While many think that family apartments ought to be found in the wider city center area, a lot of families in Belgrade want to be in the center of all happenings. When it comes to larger apartments, buyers want to have a larger living room, big kitchen, and a dining room and a lot of storage space.

Studio apartment in the center of Belgrade
Studio apartments are very popular, regardless of their price, because they are always a bit more expensive than the bigger apartments. Though, buying them as an investment always pays off. Buyers don't look for new studio apartments exclusively because an older apartment is much more affordable and the renovations costs are economical.

Price per square meter of apartments for sale in the center of Belgrade

The most expensive apartments are located in the heart of the city, near the pedestrian zone, Republic Square and Knez Mihailova street. Apartments in Cika Ljubina street and Obilicev venac cost about 3000€ per square meter. Typically, for this price, you get a brand new apartment with a gorgeous view, and if it is hypermodern, it might cost even more.

The apartments at Dorcol are a bit more affordable, so it's possible to buy an apartment for 1800€ per square meter. We are talking about old apartments here because there are not many new apartments in this part of town. Apartments in the upper part of Dorcol are more expensive; they range from 2000€ to 2500€ per ㎡. The most expensive apartments are in the Strahinjica Bana street, once known for cafes and buzzing nightlife. Today, that street is known for lush green treetops and fancy restaurants.

At Vracar, near the St. Sava's Temple, the price of apartments keeps going up. For one square meter, you will need about 2000€. In Juzni Bulevar and Cubura, apartments are a bit cheaper, and the price ranges from 1637€ for old apartments to 1729€ for the new ones.

For older apartments in Savski venac, the price is a bit lower, so you can get an older apartment for 1425€ per square meter, but for a new apartment, you'll need 2649€. We must add that these are the average prices, so bear in mind that you can always find something less expensive and you can always negotiate the price.

Apartments for sale in the center of Belgrade

Two and a half bedroom apartment in Kralja Milutina
Ideal for couples, young professionals and those who wish to live in the classic Belgrade apartment. The apartment is very bright, and it had a bright yellow kitchen that will be the center of any party. This is your future love nest where you can organize your life in style.

Four bedroom fairytale apartment in Palilula
To live in the center of Belgrade and have a terrace this big, it's really a dream come true! This family apartment in Ivankovacka street has a big terrace where you can fit a barbeque, chairs and tables, and all of your friends.

Old Belgrade apartment in Vracar
This apartment looks more like a museum than a place for a modern family, but it has all the potential to be your classic Belgrade apartment with gorgeous vintage details.

Contemporary apartment in the heart of Belgrade
This apartment is located in Marsala Birjuzova in the pedestrian zone. It looks like a place from a magazine! Tones, colors, and furniture are trendy, yet timeless. A big plus is a small balcony overlooking the backyard and free parking on the premises.

Cozy apartment in Dorcol
Two and a half bedroom apartment in Solunska street is an excellent choice for those who want a large living room and a place where you instantly feel at home. The apartment has a separate kitchen, and an open concept dining area and living room.

Once you find a place you like, it takes only a click to book a viewing. Choose a date and time that suits you, and you're all set to buy an apartment in the center of Belgrade.