Apartment rental prices in Novi Sad

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Apartment rental prices in Novi Sad

An interesting fact you probably didn't know about City Expert: when we started working in 2015, the first service we offered in Belgrade was property rent and lease.

In the meantime, we've grown our business and added property buying and selling services, and opened new offices in Novi Sad and Ljubljana, Slovenia. At now, the time has come to offer our "first" service to Novi Sad. Property rent and lease is the service we've got pretty good at, with more than 7000 properties rented in Belgrade so far!

And we have learned a lot about property renting. The most important thing is speed, and to reach that speed, you need a good ratio of price, quality, and location. So, here we gathered essential facts about property prices and locations in Novi Sad.

The highest lease price

In every city, the most expensive and most attractive properties are:

  1. In the center,
  2. The new housing developments with good infrastructure. 

There you can find everything you need for a comfortable life - from shops, cafes, and restaurants to schools, post offices, banks, and other public institutions. So, the most sought after areas for living in Novi Sad are Liman and Grbavica, primarily because of the center, which is a short walk away, and the proximity of the University City, the epicenter of student life in Novi Sad.

Prices for furnished flats in Liman and Grbavica range from €250 to €600. Of course, there are much more expensive properties in the center, but the downtown offer is limited mainly to commercial properties and short-term rental apartments. "Apartment rental for a day" is a trend that fueled the increase in rental prices in general.

The lowest lease price

You can find a furnished and smaller apartment in Novi Sad in a price range from €120 to €180 in Novo naselje, Telep, and Klisa. If you need a bigger place, the prices go up to €350. 

Average lease price

One can say that the average monthly lease price is from €350 to €400. You can find an apartment in Podbara area in that price range.

Of course, all the prices mentioned here are for furnished apartments. There are no rules for the unfurnished apartments, with the price range going between €120 to €800, with exclusive properties, such as Pupinova palata, reaching the lease price of €1000.

If you want to lease or rent an apartment with City Expert, you should know…

…City Expert is a winning combination for both sides. We strongly believe that the property owners in Novi Sad will know to appreciate the advantages of our way of advertising a property, the best multimedia presentation of the property, and one-on-one communication with the tenants and that tenants will enjoy our no-commission policy for them. 

If you're a property owner in Novi Sad, contact us and join our promotion "25% off for the fastest 50" and use all the advantages of the top service on the market!

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