Top 5 apartments for sale in Belgrade this week

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Top 5 apartments for sale in Belgrade this week

Great news! Even during the state of emergency, you can become a property owner. So, if you're looking to buy an apartment, read here.

Whether you prefer old or new builds, check our top list of properties for sale in Belgrade. The apartments are recommended by sales agents of the first online real estate agency and the unique real estate service in Belgrade and Novi Sad, City Expert.


Old build: Bilaterally oriented apartment in Zemun

This apartment is in a great location, very sought after among the buyers, because of the proximity of the amenities provided by Zemun Quay, the center of Zemun and New Belgrade. The apartment is a classic two-room (54m²) and is located on the first of three floors of a small building. It is furnished, has central heating. The layout is excellent, with plenty of light because the apartment is bilaterally oriented to the street and the inner courtyard. Also, it has two balconies, a separate spacious and well-equipped kitchen, a private basement, and a pantry.

Pros: Move-in ready, two balconies, additional space (basement, pantry).

Cons: The bedroom is facing the street, no parking space.

Score:                     8/10

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New build: Two-room apartment in Lekino Brdo

This fabulous 42m² apartment is located in a quiet part of town, close to parks and several schools. The apartment is on the third floor of a building from 2017. It has a good layout, a large living room, and separate bedroom, as well as a fully equipped kitchen with natural ventilation. Kitchen elements, furniture, and appliances are all included in the price. The heating is electric but paired with the buildings' excellent insulation, the apartment is a great energy saver. We can say it’s an ideal choice for the modern family or as an investment for rent.

Pros: Move-in ready, a panoramic elevator.

Cons: No parking space.

Score:                     9/10

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New build: Three-room apartment in Južni bulevar

If you love the scent of a new apartment and building, this is the apartment for you. The apartment (83 m²) has two separate bedrooms and a spacious living room. It is located on the fifth floor of a total of six. The heating is central per consumption, and the apartment has two bathrooms (toilet + bathroom). There is a garage space available for sale.

Pros: Central heating per consumption, spacious balcony.

Cons: It's unfurnished.

Score:                     9/10

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Old build: Three-room apartment close to St. Sava Temple

One of the advantages of old build apartments is the unique touch that you can give it by interior decoration. Just look at this three-room salon apartment (61 m²) on the first floor of a smaller building. The living room is the center of the apartment, and from there, you enter the other two rooms. The apartment is sold unfurnished, but the price includes built-in elements: kitchen elements, closet, and bathroom elements. The heating is on marble stone radiators. With the apartment, you also get a basement as well as access to the inner courtyard of the building. This location and high ceilings will give you a real feel of life in the old part of town.

Pros: Location, salon type of the apartment.

Cons: No parking space, no elevator (but the apartment is on the first floor).

Score:                     9/10

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Older new build: Two and a half room lux apartment near Sava Centar

A luxury apartment (89 m²) is located in block 19a. The apartment is on the fourth floor of a well maintained and modern building, built in 2009 by renowned investor GTC Serbia. The residential block also houses the 19th Avenue office building, with which the building shares a common underground garage. The building has its 24-hour security and maintenance.

The apartment has a spacious living room that opens onto a large terrace overlooking the atrium of the building, reserved for tenants. It also has two separate bedrooms. The apartment is semi-furnished. The kitchen has been recently renovated, and the kitchen appliances and Bosch appliances are included in the price. There is a possibility, but not the obligation to purchase two connected parking spaces in the garage. The apartment also has a large pantry of 6 m² in the level of parking space with electricity. The apartment is perfect for families with children because the private atrium of the building is safe for them to play.

Pros: Location, a private atrium of the building, security, large balcony.

Cons: If you want to live in luxurious surroundings, there are none.

Score:                     10/10

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And that would be it for this week. Or not. This year is, despite the situation we are all in, still great for new beginnings and action. If you are seriously looking for and want to buy an apartment, be sure to check out the rest of the City Expert offer: apartments for sale in Belgrade and real estate for sale in Novi Sad, with close to a thousand apartments waiting for new owners.

Stay healthy and safe until the next top list!

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