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Russian schools in Belgrade

If you are a Russian citizen and you are temporarily or permanently staying in Serbia with your children, this article will help you learn all about Russian schools in Belgrade.

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Buying an apartment in Belgrade

The day has finally come - you are buying an apartment in Belgrade. Before you start with this process make sure that you read our detailed instruction. Buying a property in Belgrade is a huge thing, just like buying an apartment in other cities is, but everyone will tell you that this challenge is a hell of a process. The only thing you need to do is be prepared. Leave everything else to us. We will make this entire process as efficient and straightforward as possible, and you will buy that dream apartment without much hassle.

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9 things you always wanted to know about City Expert
After three years of doing business in Belgrade and Novi Sad, in the second half of 2018 City Expert became the first online real estate agency in Serbia. Our goal is to jump-start the change and to openly address all major issues that our users have with real estate agencies. In this post, you will find answers to all those questions you always wanted to ask but didn't have the opportunity.
cityexpert Events in Belgrade
September in Belgrade
It's back to school time! Get your raincoats and umbrellas ready because it's time for September rains and golden Indian summer. Although the summer is not officially over yet, as the September rolls out it's time to forget about the sea, sand, and sun and get ready for school and new work projects. If you’re looking to refresh your social life take a look at our monthly guide for the best things to do in Belgrade.
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Why did we decide to become an online real estate agency?
We are the first, and so far the only online real estate agency in Serbia. We decided to make such a big decision because we wanted to upgrade our services and offer our clients something new. We made the most significant changes regarding the property viewings without an agent present at the location and communication between interested parties. Find out more about the bravest decision we have made so far and learn more about the benefits of our new business model.
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The future of real estate. Are we ready for the real estate agency of 21st century?
We are aware of the fact that we live in a digital era where many businesses face the problem of automation. We adopted the internet technology, smartphones and a lifestyle dictated by the technology revolution, but in many areas, we are still far behind. If the way we work, earn, spend and live had changed, does it mean that the way we buy our homes needs to change too?